Presidents Message






Greetings SDCPOA membership,

I wanted to reach out to the membership and thank you for everything you do!  I am grateful to you our members who display respect and dedication day in day out. Throughout this difficult year, our membership has continued to navigate through the challenges with professionalism not only to those we serve, but to each other.

This past year was a very challenging year. We continue to battle staffing shortages and workload issues. The mandatory overtime situation has impacted everyone in our membership across all the different worksites. We continue to engage with the Department to move away from this dependency on overtime to deal with the ever-increasing workload. Our message is simple and direct. Mandatory overtime is not a solution, but instead is putting a bigger strain on our membership. 

Mandatory overtime also has tangible negative impacts on the unique operational needs of the different work locations.  It also impacts transfer opportunities to promotions. Although we are the best at what we do, staff burnout is also a very real thing. Even the very best of us have our limits. Therefore, we must continue to implore the Department to do everything they possibly can to increase our workforce and get us off this dependency on overtime.

We are at the halfway point of the final year of our contract. I want to remind you the only way to vote is via the SDCPOA website and I:Que Portal.  If you are having issues logging on, please reach out to Khristina Smith at  I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to make sure you can log on and update any personal information you need to.  I also want to take this opportunity to remind you that regular board meetings are held the last Monday of every month except for the month of December.  They are held at 8388 Vickers Street at 6:00PM.

Welcome Deputy Probation Officer Phillip Garcia to the SDCPOA Board! Officer Garcia brings a tremendous amount of experience with him to the Board. Officer Garcia started his career with the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. He has worked in PRCS Sex Offender Unit and is currently assigned to Adult High Risk Central Supervision. Officer Garcia also completed the Leadership Academy held by the Probation Department. Prior to coming on to the Board, he held the position of Worksite Representative and was a regular attendee at board meetings.

Vice President Roni Limon has agreed to take on a new role of director with the State Coalition of Probation Organizations otherwise known as SCOPO.  This is a very important role that can create an impact at the State level.  At last year’s Legislators Day, Officer Limon was able to provide updates to those who make laws that impact our day-to-day operations. We must keep a strong voice in Sacramento to keep legislators up to date on the impacts of the decisions made at the State Capitol. 

I want to also take this opportunity to send out a big thank you to Barry Spital who after four years has stepped down from the Board. It should be recognized that Officer Spital rarely missed a meeting in his time of service. To do that for such a long period of time requires an extreme amount of dedication and for that we all say, “Thank you Barry!” 

And after well over 25 years with the San Diego County Probation Department and 8 years serving on the SDCPOA Board of Directors, Supervising Probation Officer Carl Heidemann has officially retired. Like Officer Spital, Carl rarely if ever missed a board meeting and his insight and expertise was vital to the success of this Association. Officer Heidemann’s service should be recognized and from the entire SDCPOA we offer you a big thank you!

We are beyond grateful to all who attended this year’s SDCPOA holiday party. The turnout was fantastic, and it was great to see so many people able to catch up with each other.  Thank you to Officers Roni Limon and Jose Gutierrez for all their planning to make it happen. For those who did not get a chance to make it this year, mark your calendars for December 1, 2023 to come out and celebrate with us.

Finally, I want to wish each one of you a very happy holiday season. There are none better to do the job we do! I will never stop saying it because it is true.


Shannon Edison

SDCPOA President