Presidents Message






SDCPOA Members,

By way of introduction as your new President, allow me to share a bit about myself.

I have been with the San Diego County Probation Department since 2007. As a CDPO, I have had the pleasure to work at EMJDF, KMJH, YDC Market, JPC, South Bay office, Camp Barrett, Urban Camp, and YTC. I have been involved with our Association for over three years now and in that time, I have served as a Director and as the Chief Employee Representative. In March 2023, I was elected as the SDCPOA President and took office in April 2023.

I want to thank the Board of Directors for all their hard work and time they invest in this Association. They volunteer many hours of their personal time to continue to move our Association in the right direction. Also, I would like to welcome Anna Bray and Carmen Valdez, both of whom joined our Board of Directors in May.  We have a diverse Board who have extensive knowledge of what our members’ jobs entail. We currently have three board members in institutions, three in supervision and one in investigations. We represent the ranks from CDPO to Senior. Whether it be juvenile or adult supervision, investigations, armed positions, or institutions, we should all feel represented by our board members.

The Association understands that we are currently going through a very tough time. Our staffing issues both in institutions and case work have impacted how we conduct our day-to-day work. This has also impacted our personal lives in a negative way. For months, we have been communicating and working with the Department, Board of Supervisors, and other County leaders to minimize the impact overtime has on our members.

Additionally, we have been working with the County on a contract that will benefit all our members by meeting and conferring with them on a weekly basis. I would like to thank our negotiating team who have attended these weekly meetings along with multiple late-night meetings in the last couple of months in order to work on this contract. We will continue to work hard and update you as soon as possible.

We cannot do the work that we do without your valuable input and participation. Stay informed about Association happenings by checking out our website, attending our monthly meetings held the last Monday of the month, and reaching out to the Board of Directors to ask them questions/ offer solutions. You are always welcome to text me, email me, or meet with me to express any concerns.

Thank you and stay safe,

Jose Gutierrez

SDCPOA President