Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability Insurance

The POA is pleased to offer you a low cost, comprehensive Salary Protection, Long Term Disability Insurance Plan. This plan is very different than any other insurance you have seen since it can truly replace your salary, tax free, if disabled on or off duty. The plan is offered through the California Law Enforcement Association (CLEA)
CLEA is financially solid with over $7 million in certified reserves and has paid out over $68 million in benefits since 1985. For over 25 years, CLEA has operated as a non-profit corporation, managed by a representative Board of Directors from law enforcement associations from around the state.

The payroll deduction of the plan is $24.50 per month. Additionally, all benefits are paid tax free. The LTD Plan is fully integrated with SDI but can extend disability income protection for your lifetime. To see a comparison of SDI and the CLEA LTD plan please click here.
As with any plan, you must complete the enrollment form and return it to the POA. This enrollment form requires a beneficiary designation for the built-in, CLEA $55,000 death benefit. Once the enrollment process is completed, each member will be mailed a personalized Summary Plan Description booklet.
If you have any questions about the LTD program, please call the CLEA Plan Administrator at 1.800.832.7333.

IMPORTANT: An original application and a County authorization for payroll deduction card are required to be returned to the POA office. Three deductions must be taken prior to the plan becoming effective.